#Sitecore Hackathon 2022 Adventure. #SCHackathon

Six years doing the Sitecore Hackathon and one thing I learned is each year brings a new challenge. First off I had a great team. Our team name was R-Bacon-Sulting. I worked with two co-workers from RBA. One being a front-end developer and the other being Devops. All we needed was a project manager and a business analyst to complete the team. We chose the third category for the hackathon which was to make an enhancement to the MVP site.

As hard as we tried the goal of adding to the MVP site did not work out since we had trouble getting the site up and running and ran out of time. We did have a great idea and hope to one day we can implement it.

The bottom line is we all learned something and as co-workers we got to know each other better. In the end isn’t this what this mainly is about?

So here we go with the summary of what I learned this year (in Ted Lasso speak) because let’s face it there is always room for improvement. That is why I love what I do.

Under pressure is when we learn that we really have what it takes. We may be in unfamiliar territory, but we adapt and get better because of it.
So many things happen when you don’t succeed. Life is full of surprises. We just have to go with the flow and hope for the best as we learn. Even if it is not the fairy tale you want it is the fairy tale that is best for you to grow professionally.
Yeah I love to code, but you know what else I love to do? I love to teach people about coding. What you learn is always crucial to pass it on to others. Glad I got the opportunity to pass on some Sitecore things to the team and I also learned things from them.
Everyone that participated in the Hackathon will remember the good and the bad. You know what though, next year we need to be a goldfish and approach it like it is something new and exciting. Forget about what went wrong, but focus on the task at hand.
Special shout out to all that put on the Sitecore Hackathon every year and our team from RBA.