Quick Template Creation Options Sitecore Rocks Continued

I wanted to show you a few more things that you might find useful when creating/editing templates with Sitecore Rocks.

Standard Values

  • Simply right click on the template and select standard values.

  • Once standard values are created you have all the options and more in one place to set for the template.

Insert Options

  • Parent templates are not complete without insert options. Insert options are easy to set in Sitecore Rocks.

  • Using the search function you can find the template(s) you want for an insert option.

Design Layout

  • After you have your template set adding a design layout is very simple.

  • You can select a main layout first and then after that you have the option to drag a rendering from the Sitecore Rocks explorer or simply click the Add Rendering button.

So those are some more of the basic things you can do with templates and Sitecore Rocks. Please let me know if there is something else you would like to see.

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