xGenerator is Installed in Sitecore Now What?

So after installing xGenerator for #Sitecore I started poking around to see what changed and to check out the xGenerator interface. This blog is more for seeing what gets installed and getting started. As I work with xGenerator more I will blog about its features.

After the installation in content editor you can see different items that were installed.

After the installation I noticed some new things on the LaunchPad.

Clicking on the Experience Generator I get the following tabs.

I’m still learning what each tab does. One of the tabs I tried was the Landing Pages tab. By clicking on the Add landing page button an explorer window popped up. In this case I just chose the home page.

Once you make changes to any tabs you can save your settings on the lower right. You can also select and load your presets again.

Clicking on the Profile Experience Generator I get the following screen. Looks like a way you can setup different contacts.

The xGenerator tool looks to be a very powerful testing helper. I am going to keep looking at all the features of xGenerator and get some things set up. I will blog about what I find. If anyone knows the original author of it I would like to have a conversation with him and get a general overview.

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