My First #Sitecore Module in the Marketplace

So now the dust has cleared after the Hackathon why not add what we did to the as #Sitecore #Module in the Market Place. I hope the following helps you if you are publishing your first Sitecore Module.

First thing I did was create a new Helix based project that would be used to generate the Sitecore Module. I also stripped off any thing that was not out of the box Sitecore. Such as Glass Mapper. The less dependencies the better.

To get to the Sitecore Marketplace click here. When you get to the page you will see the following.

When you click on Contribute Now the below screen appears.

After clicking on the CONTRIBUTE NOW button and entering in the module name the following message appeared.

Soon after the space was created and added the necessary information under the about and documentation tabs.

I then upload the installation package. The package was then in review.

After that I received an email message letting me know that my changes were submitted and will be reviewed by the marketplace coordinator.


So for a week or so I saw this when I checked my modules under my profile.

I was notified a little more than a week later my module was published.


Here it is:

Now I just need to add some more contributors.

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