Top 5 Presentations at the #Sitecore Symposium I Would Want to Attend #SitecoreSym

Unfortunately, this year I won’t be attending the Sitecore Symposium. However, if I was these are the top 5 presentations I would want to see.

1. Managing technical debt while implementing Helix principles – Day 1

This one appeals to me as I see about half the clients, I work with trying to move their existing site into a Helix solution. Sometimes It is a straightforward process, but most of the time it is not. This class would be great to learn some techniques that I can apply to my clients. I would also ask the question of at what point is it better to just start from scratch (new solution and Sitecore instance) versus trying to get a square into a circle? You can find more about this session here.

2. Face recognition, AI, and personalization: Data-driven marketing in a brick-and-click store – Day 1

I will be honest. I use face recognition several times a day with my iPhone. Whether it is to unlock the phone, put in a saved password, make a purchase etc. There is no doubt this something that will be integrated more and more and leveraging Sitecore as part of that is key to changing with the times. I would love to see how a web cam can be used with face recognition. I would have a lot of questions on it and I am sure from this class I could discover things I haven’t heard of before. You can find out more here.

3. New editing experience in Sitecore: What it means for developers – Day 2

I would say at least 60% of clients I work with use the experience editor. I am so old I remember it was once called page editor. I have done many overrides and changes to the EE and really have gotten a good feel for it. With the new changes in Horizon I know it would be critical to learn them. So, I can better serve my clients. You can find out more here.

4. Netflix next with Sitecore Cortex – Day 2

This class combines two of my favorite things. Netflix and Sitecore. I haven’t done much with Sitecore Cortex, but this class would give me some good ideas and how to use it. I am hoping this class will be available online so I can follow the steps. You can find out more here.

5. Data integration: Get your head in the cloud – Day 3

For people that follow my blog and me on Twitter know I like data integration with the Data Entity Framework. This class leverages the Sitecore Item Service API and Azure WebJobs and Functions. From the description “This is a scalable, secure, and robust approach to data integration.”. You can find out more here.

Have fun if you are attending (especially my fellow MVPs). If it is your first time there make sure you take it all in and network with the Sitecore family. There is so much to learn. It is such an awarding experience.

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