#Sitecore Milwaukee In Person Meetup Impressions and Pictures

My favorite Sitecore meetup has been the Milwaukee since I attended my first one. After a long time off a new one was going to be put on by Mike Congdon and Joe Ouimlet. It would take place at Milwaukee Tool. I asked them if they needed a presenter and was honored to be picked. They even got me a six pack of Spotted Cow for speaking. It was worth the 2+ hour drive just for that. 🙂 You can find the full video of the meetup here.

The first speaker was Geoff Morgeene from Milwaukee Tool. Geoff shared tricks and gotchas from using the Sitecore Powershell extension. I learned a lot on his presentation and will definitely use his ideas.

Geoff Morgeene presenting.

The second speaker was me, talking about using Content Hub and webmethods.io. You can check out a few videos on YouTube of me presenting this. If you would like me to present at your meetup let me know.

Look at all those awesome tools.
Joe getting things ready.

Looking forward to the next one.

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